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Horsehead Rope Denim Look Double Switch

Horsehead Rope Denim Look Double Switch
Item# RA9344

Product Description

If you love Cowboys, horses, rodeos, and worn blue jeans. If you like to update and decorate things around the house or Barn we can help. This denim horse head double switch plate is the perfect way to upgrade the look of your house. Each plate is covered in blue jeans and decorated with a belt buckle style horse head emblem. Great looking Lariat rope in circles the switches. Comes with brand new mounting screws for easy installation.


Horsehead Rope Denim Look Double GFI Rocker
Do you like the look of cowboys and love the country style you live? Is a rustic look of your home or office important to you? We have some great country western looking dual Decora switch plate covers. Each double rocker plate has a distressed denim look with belt buckle horse head conchos and a beautiful Lariat rope. Included with each of the switch plates new mounting hardware is included.
Horsehead Rope Denim Look GFI Rocker
Like a great pair of Wrangler jeans nothing beats the look of Worn denim. Update the look up your rocker switches or Decora switch. This denim horse head rocker switch cover works for the single slot Decora plate. A great-looking plate with Denim and a brilliant looking belt buckle Style horse head Concho. The Rocker switch cover is then wrapped in Lariat lasso rope. Each of these switch plate includes new mounting screws for ease of installation.
Horsehead Rope Denim Look Outlet Cover
Great way to dress up to look of any plug outlet cover. Gorgeous looking blue jean denim works well with virtually any color. Decorate each plug outlet with one of our denim horse head outlet covers. Each plug cover is easy to change and include new mounting screws for easy installation. If you're a horse lover or just like the rodeo these are perfect extensions of your personality.
Horsehead Rope Denim Look Single Switch
With a great look and feel of denim jeans and a braided rope Lariat. Design to replace your drab single switch light plate. Great idea for horse lovers and Rodeo fans alike. This single Toggle type light switch cover has a great Cowboy feel. Brilliant horse head Concho above the switch will please the equestrian lover young and old. Each of these switch plates contain brand new mounting screws for ease of installation.