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Metal Horseshoe & Barbwire Single Switch

Metal Horseshoe & Barbwire Single Switch
Item# RA9257

Product Description

Looking to give your interior that ranch house feel? A super easy way to make that single light switch a new energy. With a great realistic look of barbed wire and rustic-looking Horseshoe these will look great and replaced a single toggle style light switch. Comes complete with brand new matching mounting screws easy to change with just a screwdriver.


Metal Horseshoe & Barbwire Double Rocker Decora Plate
Upgrade your home to the farm or Ranch look. Change out your double Decora plate and give it a super look. Our double rocker switch plate is metal Construction with a beautiful rustic-looking paint. Each plate comes with matching replacement screws to easily exchange. Trimmed with realistic horseshoe and barbed wire fence design you will get the feeling of the outdoors inside.
Metal Horseshoe & Barbwire Double Switch
Great looking industrial metal Construction. With barbed wire fence and Horseshoe accents. Great looking oxidized coloring give it that outdoorsy feel. Replace your standard double light switch cover with one of our horseshoe barbed wire plate covers. This is a great-looking item and very easy to change .Included mounting screws in each double switch plate.
Metal Horseshoe & Barbwire Outlet Cover
Creatively designed for the horse lover or Rancher. Industrialized metal Construction and a country feel. Easy change outlet cover has a rustic Western theme. Scalloped plate cover comes complete with matching replacement screws. Beautiful horseshoe design about the outlet plugs and barbed wire trim completes the plate.
Metal Horseshoe & Barbwire Single Rocker Decora Plate
Perfect an easy way to update the look of your rocker switch plates or Decora switch covers. Easy to change and update the look of your Western decor simply and easily. Each of these single rocker covers has a beautiful horseshoe above the switch. Realistically designed barbed wire trim and metal construction plate make this item perfect for your bedroom or office. Fantastic-looking rust color we'll give it a Shabby Chic look.