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Star Buckle Single Switch Plate

Star Buckle Single Switch Plate
Item# RA4542

Product Description

Easy to change out with one simple screw that's included with your switch plate. Our star belt buckle single switch plate will replace your ordinary wall cover. Made from hardened polyresin it's easy to clean and maintain. Adorned with Western Stars than belt buckles and looks like genuine leather. A very nice looking hardwood style finish complete the look. This is made for a single toggle Style lighting switch.


Star belt buckle double light switch plate
Replace your double wall switch with one of our Western Sheriff star belt buckle double light switch plates. Manufactured from high-grade polyresin not plastic they are easy to clean and maintain. Will fit a standard double style toggle light switch and comes with necessary mounting screws. Many high-grade details include Sheriff star belt buckles basket weave style leather look and hardwood background
Star Belt Buckle Double Rocker Cover
Great looking design of this double rocker switch plate. Polyresin Construction provides easy cleaning and durability. Nice hardwood looking background with leather weave belt buckle designs and Sheriff Stars. Perfect way to dress up the Home or office in one simple easy step.
Star Buckle Electric Plug Plate
Easy upgrade to the look of your electric plug Outlets. Get a western look with stars and belt buckles. Fantastic Barnwood design with images of weaved leather. Each wall outlet comes with new mounting screws and his easy to clean and maintain.
Star Buckle Rocker Switch Cover
Simple and easy to change out one simple screw is included. Old Western Star Decora rocker plate is just what you need to update the look of your home or office. Polyresin materials for a great look an easy maintained surface. Decorated with Western Stars and buckles weave design hardwood looks. This great item will fit your standard pedal rocker style light switch or cover.