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Star Horseshoe Double Light Switch Plate

Star Horseshoe Double Light Switch Plate
Item# RA8827

Product Description

Simple steps to update your room with Western theme. Replace your light switch cover with an update. Each double toggle switch plate is durable resin not plastic.Western stars and horse shoes adorned with a fabulous looking wood design.


Star Horseshoe Electrical Plug Outlet
Replace your wall outlet plates with new Star Horseshoe Electrical Plug Outlet Plates. Western Horse Barn wood designed outlet.New screws for easy installation. Great weather washed design chic feel.
Star Horseshoe Single Light Switch Cover
Take a simple step towards creating your room personality. Design you're own Paradise and unique place. Barn style single light switch cover with stars will replace you're single light switch. Great way to decorate your office or apartment. Each item comes with needed screws.
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