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Turquoise Boot Outlet Cover

Turquoise  Boot Outlet Cover
Item# RA4782

Product Description

Change your old outdated electric plug covers an upgrade to a premium cowboy boot plug cover. Our hardened resin design plug cover is easy to clean and looks great as well. Each highly detailed wall plug has a turquoise a cowboy boot with silver tips barn wood look background and cowboy lasso rope trim.

Will fit any standard outlet cover. Comes complete with mounting screws.


Turquoise  Boot Double Rocker  Cover
Turquoise and cowboy boot Decora Rocker plates are easy to change include necessary mounting hardware. Double rocker design beautiful cowboy boot turquoise and burgundy beautiful silver tips the look of studded leather on hardwood background with cowboy lasso rope.

Will fit any standard double paddle style switch. Comes complete with mounting hardware.
Turquoise  Boot Single Switch Plate
Great looking cowboy boot wall plate. Designed to fit your single toggle Style light switch. Our high quality cowboy boot plate covers include necessary mounting Hardware and are easy to install. Detailed cowboy boot design of turquoise and burgundy with silver boot tips. High detail wooden look background with rope trim and studded leather look.
Turquoise Boot Double Switch Plate
Replace your plastic cookie cutter looking light switch plates an upgrade to our cowboy boots double switch plate. Each of our premium hardened resin plate covers come with new mounting screws. Turquoise and burgundy cowboy boot details include silver tips studded leather look trim and barn wood background design
Turquoise Boot Single Rocker Cover
Design for the cowboy in mind these boot rocker switch plates or a hat quality hardened resin wall plate. Each highly detail piece include a turquoise and burgundy cowboy boots with silver tips, Super realistic hardwood looking back ground trimmed in cowboy rope. All inclusive realistic looking studded leather trim.

Will fit any single rocker light switch. Comes with mounting hardware.